Reviews by B10m


Nagios-Plugin (0.36) *****

Very happy with this little module. It takes all the annoying repetitive bits out of coding Nagios plugins.

App-cpanminus (1.0004) *****

Especially on small machines, cpan and cpanp can run into memory problems. This doesn't seem to be the case for cpanm.

It's blazingly fast and shows only the output you want to see.
All in all, a lovely app and now my default app to install modules.

Search-QueryParser (0.94) *****

Although the error handling could be a little easier, overall the module is awesome and a true time saver.

Text-CSV_XS (0.37) *****

Once again I needed to parse CSV with slightly odd options. Text::CSV_XS saves me so much time and is, like said before, faster than Text::CSV.

With very simple CSV, a split() would probably be enough. When it gets a little more tricky, simple use this module.

WWW-Popurls (V1.0)

Why on earth would you grab links from popurls, when you can fetch the RSS feeds directly from digg,, reddit, etc.?

JavaScript-SpiderMonkey (0.19) *****

This module comes in very handy with screen scraping. It save a lot of time rewriting JavaScript into Perl and is easier to use than the JavaScript module.

Well done!

WWW-Mechanize-SpamCop (0.04)

Although the module probably works pretty good (I have not tried it myself) I do would like to point out that automated reporting is something you should *not* do by default.

Spamcop usually works tremendously well, yet in some cases it can be wrong and the wrong system administrators are hassled with your false positives (especially think of relays, for example for your CPAN email account). Besides, sometime you want to make comments too!

So, please think about this before automating the reporting of spam.