Reviews by John Beppu


Perl-Shell (0.01)


XUL-App (0.07) *****

This is brilliant work. Firefox extension development suddenly became so much easier (especially for Perl people). Thank you for writing this.

File-Copy-Recursive (0.16) *****

It would be nice to have something like this in the base installation of Perl. That way, when I subclass Module::Build to have do extra actions upon install (like recursively copying a dir from one place to another), I would have a pure perl way of doing this portably without having to pull extra modules from CPAN. Currently, I've resorted to doing `system("cp -auv $src $dst")` which is fine for systems with GNU/cp, but not for anyone else. Maybe it's a bit too late for perl5 but for perl6, let's think about having a more complete set of file manipulation libs in the base.

DBD-Google (0.11) *****

This is so clever!