Reviews by Ben Crowell


RTF-Parser (1.09) **

The good news is that this module does something I need, I use it all the time, and I'm grateful that it exists. It seems like this garden could use some more tending, though. In particular, version 1.07 doesn't build on my vanilla linux box via the CPAN interface, so I need to search out 1.09 (which is listed as not ready for prime time on CPAN) and build by hand.

Audio (1.029) *

The Audio::Data and Audio::Play modules don't seem to be actively maintained. I can't get them to compile on Linux, only on BSD.

JSON (2.12) ***

I like the module, but I wish there could be more stability in its interface from one version to the next. Lots of functions were renamed between 1.x and 2.x. It seems like the author could have done a better job of continuing support for code that depended on the old API. The focus seems to be on speed, which is fine for applications that need speed. However, it would also be good to have more sophisticated error handling.