Reviews by Barbie


WWW-Scraper-ISBN-Pearson_Driver (0.16)

What is the point of the above review? So 27 ISBNs failed, I wonder how many of them are not published by Pearson Education? Pearson Education is a publisher, who happens to provide their book catalogue online for all their titles and those of their associated publishers. They publish education titles, so searching for John Grisham or Terry Pratchett isn't going to get you very far!

If you have a legitimate bug report, please add it to the RT queue.

Devel-NYTProf (2.07) *****

I needed a bit more profiling information than Devel-Dprof offered and having read good reports about Devel-NYTProf, I gave it a try. Now I'm wondering why I never tried it sooner!

The documentation is clear, and easy to follow. Nice to have a bit of historical background in there too, to understand why the distribution was created in th first place.

The use of the HTML output, with links to statement lines, etc between pages is inspired. It has made tracing bottlenecks so much easier. It's even helped to highlight areas of code that although not bottlenecks now, are worth investigating. It allows the user to decide what's important to follow up, and not restrict them to just the slowest module/call as per Devel-DProf.

Many thanks to the guys for putting in the effort to make this distribution possible, and for making it Open Source :)

File-Find-Rule (0.11) *****

Since it's creation I've used Find::File::Rule in just about every script I've written. Gets the job done in a few easy steps. The extensions available just make it even more shiny :)