Reviews by Topchyan


SQL-Beautify (0.01) ****

A much needed module! Of course, it is just a start, but a very plausable idea, so my sincere thanks to the author! Please keep improving it and hope one day it will become a standard (like other well known tidy tools).

Time-Format (1.09) *****

Yeah! Finally a decent date-time format handling module!..
I don't have to do this anymore:

sub timestring {

my @t = localtime( shift || time );

my $t

= sprintf( "%04d", $t[5] + 1900 ) . '-'

. sprintf( "%02d", $t[4] + 1 ) . '-'

. sprintf( "%02d", $t[3] ) . ' '

. sprintf( "%02d", $t[2] ) . ':'

. sprintf( "%02d", $t[1] ) . ':'

. sprintf( "%02d", $t[0] );

return $t;


I can just just use this:

$time{'yyyy-mm-dd hh:mm:ss'}

Great job!..

Net-Amazon (0.34) *****

Very good module. Helped me to complete the project on time.

Tk-Pod (0.9929) *****

Excellent tool to browse POD. Saves tonns of time and effort to find what you need. GUI is interactive, intuitive and simple.

Makes a very nice "Help" addition to SciTE like so:$(file.patterns.perl)=tkpod.bat $(CurrentSelection) = 4

HTTP-Recorder (0.02) **

Read the article on about it and tried to configure.
Installed well on both Linux and Windows machines, but not make it work on either one. This module definitely need a more clear documentation.

Lingua-EN-Nickname (1.14) ****

The idea is great! Much needed module.
I would really like to see a module that could do "Albroz" == "Al" or "Wilmer" == "Willie" kind of stuff.
This module is worthy of being fully supported.