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Search-FreeText (0.05) ****

Easy to use, works, solves my problem.
Only drawback is that incremental updates are not possible.

XML-FOAF (0.02) ***

It's the only package I could find, so I'm using it.
For anything nontrivial, however, I had to fall back onto
the RDF::Core mechanisms, which are terrible for the simple kind of
stuff I actually want to achieve. I guess the code just mirrors
the complexity of RDF, and being an RDF newbie this stuff really
gives me a headache.

Unicode-MapUTF8 (1.09) *****

A lot simpler than all the other libraries it hides.

XML-RSS (1.02) *****

I never had problems with it. The documentation answered all my questions. Using it in my code was trivial. I would like to see support for RSS 3.0 by Aaron Swartz. ;)