Reviews by Serguei Trouchelle


XSConfig (6.05) *

Breaks your Perl installation. Avoid like plague.

Log-Log4perl (1.36) *****

I don't get why people think Log::Log4perl is a module is to "conditionally appending a single line of text to a file". If you think so, you completely miss the point of Log::Log4perl. What about having fatal errors sent to your email? Log something to SNMP or Windows Event Log? Configure your few-hundred-module project logging using just one file? Log::Log4perl can easily handle all that stuff. Your precious "open && print && close"? I doubt so. And yes, Log::Message cannot handle these things either.

Attribute-Persistent (1.1) *

Deep resursion, out of memory, unmainained for several years.

Faster (0.1) *

Very effective memory eater. Test suite killed my Ubuntu in just few seconds.

Devel-ObjectTracker (0.4) *

Unsupported memory eater.

AAAAAAAAA (1.00) *****

AaAAaAaaaAAAaaAaaaaAaaAa aaAaaaaAaaAa aaAAAaaaAAaAaaaAaa aaaAaAaaAaaaaaAAaAaaaAaa aaAAAaaaaaaAaaaAaAaAaAaaaAaaAaaaaaAaaaaaaaaAaaAAaaAAAaaAaaaA. aAAaAaaaAAaAaaaaAA aAaaAAaaaAAAaaaAaa aaaaAAaaAAAaaaaaAaaAaAaaaaAAaaaaaAaaaaAAaAaAaaAAaaaaaaaAaaAAaaAaaaaaAAAaaaAAaA aaAaaaaAaaAa 100% aaaAaAaAaAaaaaAAaAaaAAaAaAAaaa!

HTML-Template-Compiled (0.95) *****

Despite the common opinion, HTML::Template::Compiled is not that fast. Even more, it's slow. It's even slower than Template::Toolkit. If you try to use it in your average CGI script, you probably wouldn't see any performance boost, quite contrary. With file cache, it is better than TT, but still loses to plain old HTML::Template.

But if you can actually use memory cache, things change. HTC beats everything. Severely. So, with FastCGI or mod_perl you should stick to HTC beyond doubt.

Also, new features rock. TMPL_ELSIF and TMPL_SWITCH are bliss. Dot-notation saves a lot of typing and makes your code much clearer. That's why I use this module even when it leads to slower code.

CPAN-Index (0.01) *

Installing this module breaks CPAN shell.
Avoid installing it at all costs.

ExtUtils-MakeMaker (6.56) *****

As a response to one-star rating:

1. Module::Install is just a wrapper over ExtUtils::MakeMaker.
2. Author doesn't encourage to use Module::Build -- only when it comes to adding new functionality to EUMM.

Overall, EUMM is a great module. I found it easier to use than MB for small projects that don't need some complex processing.

With most of MB issues fixed in last releases, it's actually some kind of habitual preference about what to use (unless you're writing a monster, of course -- MB can work better in this case).

Task-BeLike-BINGOS (1.04) *****

CPAN is for people.

If anybody can benefit from this module, then it's worthy to be on CPAN.

FindBin-Real (1.05)

Wow, and now we finally have trolls in CPAN ratings! How cute.

Data-Define (1.03)

Wow, and now we finally have trolls in CPAN ratings! How cute.

Try-Tiny (0.04) *****

A very good way to catch exceptions.

Comparing to TryCatch, this module provides cleaner code if you have simple try { ... } catch { ... } scenarios and doesn't suffer from Prerequisite Hell Syndrome. From the other hand, TryCatch is about twice as fast and has much powerful exception handling.

You decide.

Eludia ( *

Acme::BadExample number 2. A mature non-OO Acme::BadExample.

Horrible code.
Horrible module versioning.
Horrible packaging (C:? WTF?)
Horrible logging style (print STDERR on module use? Well, it's ok for mature systems)
Continuously reinventing the wheel.
No comments at all.
No tests, even basic sanity check.
Inline HTML in modules instead of templates.
No documentation for you unless you understand Russian.
No interface unless Russian in windows-1251 charset (yes, it's hard-coded).
And it's called MVC. Oh gosh.

Does it work? I bet yes.
Can you use it? No way, unless you're the author.

The only good thing is that it has an aposematic name. So elude it ...for great justice.

Also, those who don't like "use strict" should better write in PHP.

Cache-FastMmap-WithWin32 (1.16.4) *****

Just cool.
Really helps to have all these modules, depending on Cache::FastMmap under Win32 environments.

Devel-TrackObjects (0.2) *****

Very useful module to quickly track your objects for memory leaks.

Object-Destroyer (2.00) *****

In spite of the fact that it's a trade of CPU for memory, this module really helps when you need to get rid of complicated data structures with circular references when they are out of scope. If it was possible to be as fast as internal garbage collector, this module will deserve 6 stars out of 5.

File-Trash (v0.0.1) *

Some kind of CPAN-squattering, useless CPAN pollution.

Daisy (v0.0.1) *

Some kind of CPAN-squattering, useless CPAN pollution.

Daisy-Chain (v0.0.1) *

Some kind of CPAN-squattering, useless CPAN pollution.

Daisy-Dukes (v0.0.1) *

Some kind of CPAN-squattering, useless CPAN pollution.

Daisy-Cutter (v0.0.1) *

Some kind of CPAN-squattering, useless CPAN pollution.

Daisy-Cocktail (v0.0.1) *

Some kind of CPAN-squattering, useless CPAN pollution.

Daisy-Wheel (v0.0.1) *

Some kind of CPAN-squattering, useless CPAN pollution.

File-Recycle (v0.0.1) *

Some kind of CPAN-squattering, useless CPAN pollution.

DBIx-Std (v0.0.1) *

7 months gone from "placeholding" and nothing happened.

Some kind of CPAN-squattering, useless CPAN pollution.

SimpleMood (v0.0.1) *

Useless placeholder.