Reviews by Andrew Solomon


Dancer (1.3071) *****

To preface the opinion I'm about to express, you should know that although I have experience doing web development using the frameworks CGI::Application, HTML::Mason and Catalyst - I haven't done any "day jobs" using Dancer.

However, I've started playing with Dancer for my hobby projects. Other than some little quirks with settings and templates (1.3051), the words that come to mind are "quick", "small", "simple" and "clean". There's a close alignment of the packages and methods with the concepts one has in mind when doing web development.

Formerly a Perl teacher, I never taught web development to the first-year students because the learning curve would have been too steep. I think Dancer has changed the game and beginners *can* learn Perl web development using Dancer. (We'll find out at the beginner's class I'm giving at YAPC in Riga:)