Reviews by Alberto Simoes


Text-ExtractWords (0.08) *

This module gives segmentation fault with big strings. Given that, there is no big deal to have a XS program. Three lines of pure Perl can do that without big time overhead.

ExtUtils-CBuilder (0.22) *****

Brilliant module. Great documentation and author assistance. And now one of my modules dependencies :)

Graph (0.81) *****

Nice module. In fact I didn't test half of it. Nor 10%. But it saved my day. And quite efficient!

GraphViz (2.02) *****

Does the required. Clean syntax. Good documentation. Lacks some orange examples.

Time-Interval (1.1) ****

Quite easy to use, quite useful. Just some few bugs. Hope they become corrected quickly :)

Lingua-PT-Nums2Words (1.06) *****

Working very well and really useful. Cheers.

Data-Dumper (2.121) *****

Although I am rating Data::Dumper with 5 stars, the truth is that is misses some efficiency for big data structures. Constructing all the string in memory is quite annoying in some cases. In the other hand, Data::Dump::Streamer is slow in any case (for small or big data structures).

Anyway, 'use Data::Dumper;' is just bellow my 'use strict;' line for every program I write.

Acme-BooK-Is-My-Bitch (0.02) *****

Very useful module for YAPC'es auctions.

Lingua-Identify (0.18) ****

Now that the module is supporting big texts, it misses good results for small texts. Also, it would be nice an option to ignore html tags.