Reviews by Allen Day


Cache-Memcached (1.24) ***

Bottom line: use Cache::Memcached::Managed instead. It uses Cache::Memcached under the hood, so core functionality is the same.

The real reason to use Cache::Memcached::Manged instead of Cache::Memcached directly is that it has:

* more and clearer documentation
* examles that actually work!

Thanks for making a memcached interface in Perl Brad, but give us some working examples in the docs please!

Cache-Memcached-Managed (0.16) *****

Wow, works great and as documented. Uses Cache::Memcached under the hood. I am very grateful to have the wrapper after spending a couple of hours trying to use Cache::Memcached itself and have it NOT function as documented.

Thanks Elizabeth!

Lucene (0.13) *****

The docs are minimal, not really enough to figure out how it works. I had to use the Java docs as supplement. Fortunately it works just like the Java API, as mentioned by the previous reviewer.

However, what it lacks in documentation it makes up for in performance. This thing is unbelievably fast! Overall I have to give 5/5 for this reason alone.

HTTP-ProxySelector (0.02) *****

Works as advertised for the most part, and overall 5/5.

This module can hang occasionally if it has problems locating a usable proxy. This is understandable, but there should be a verbose mode for debugging. The code was not exactly easy to modify when I was trying to figure out why it was hanging.

Class-DBI-Pager (0.06) *****


Bot-BasicBot-Pluggable (0.50)

nice. super easy to make it do something useful.

Net-Dict (2.07) *****

I can only really comment on the installed command "/usr/bin/dict", that comes with this distribution. It's wonderful! I use it *every day* as I websurf. Sometimes it's fun to just read the jargon dictionary entries.

Hard to believe this module doesn't have more rave reviews.

Acme-OneHundredNotOut (100) *

glad to hear you're going away. bye!