Reviews by Marseille07


Validator-Custom (0.15) *****

"I wonder if anyone else besides the author could use the module."

Again, you can wonder all day but the author has every right to upload his module. It is not your business who uses it. If someone finds it useful, great, if not, that's great too. But people don't need your downvotes based on your opinion of how many people will use the module. That's not a sound criteria on judging modules.

Object-Simple (3.0626) *****

Not sure why Mr. Taro Nishino is so upset. If he says he doesn't always oppose reinventing the wheel, then stick with his own words and don't downvote this module.

Perl's motto is TIMTOWTDI and reinventing the wheel is pretty much the culture. We don't need anyone like Mr. Nishino condemning a fine author like Mr. Kimoto -- CPAN is tolerant of half-baked, or even non-working modules as well as fine modules that Mr. Kimoto writes.

Coro (6.08) *****

Great module. You could do so much with Coro / AnyEvent. Work of a genius in my opinion.

Module-Starter (1.58) *****

Contrary to what others are saying, I found this module very useful. From a simple command with 3 arguments, you can create a CPAN-ready module skeleton -- how cool is that?

For those annoyed by the test skeletons -- you can simply delete those. If you aren't dist'ing for CPAN, then obviously you don't need those boilerplate tests anyway. I don't consider that a hassle, or something to complain about at all.