Reviews by Ingo Lantschner


Class-Rebless (0.10) *****

Helped me a lot to automatically convert serialized data-structures read back from a hard-drive.

Image-MetaData-JPEG (0.159) *****

I came to this module while searching for a Perl alternative to jpegtran (a UNIX tool). So far I am using it just to remove all metadata for all images during the build-process of a webpage. Works fine!

IPC-System-Simple (1.25) *****

Instead of repeating the error handling of system-calls over and over again in your code, just use this simple module. Thanks!

Capture-Tiny (0.28) *****

Great module, easy to install, easy to use - and it does what I am expecting. I am using it to capture the output of a system call (converting pdf-files with ghostscript).

Time-Mock (v0.0.2) *

For the moment I do not use the throttling-feature. But at least mocking time() works fine. The documentation is precise to the point - thanks!

Getopt-Long-Descriptive (0.085) ****

Once you got the idea and usage of this module, its very simple to use and a real time-saver.
The documentation has been improved recently. As far as I have seen, it is now clear, how to start using this module.
Thanks a lot!