Reviews by Andrew Kostenko


DBIx-Class-QueryProfiler (0.03)

This module makes debug of DBIx::Class more useful, adds coloring and timing for each query.

Path-Trim (v0.0.1)

What about Cwd? Subroutime abs_path makes exacly the same :-)

Test-Pod-Coverage (1.08) *****

Excellent module, which helps me to have my POD up to date.
If some wrong-hand-placed guy uses it incorrectly, it is not a problem of this module. Please add bad rate to these 378 dists, not for Test::Pod::Coverage.

String-isUTF8 (0.01)

What is the difference between utf8::is_utf8?

DBIx-Class-FrozenColumns (0.08) *****

Excellent module. If you have a large database and don't want to spend time for ALTER TABLE ADD SOME UNIMPORTANT COLUMN, this module will help you. Also, with DBIx::Class::DynamicSubclass it allows make a lot of cool features.

XML-LibRSVG (0.01) *

Uses old rsvg (v1) which is not supported. For rasterizing SVG use Image::LibRSVG

IO-Prompt (v0.99.4) *


Variable-Eject (0.01) *****

Saves a lot of stupid copy orerations.
eject( $c->request->params => $user, $forum, $post ) is more simple than:
my $user = $c->request->params->{user};
my $forum = $c->request->params->{forum};
my $post = $c->request->params->{post};

DBIx-Class-Inflator-Serializers (0.01)

look at the DBIx::Class::FrozenColumns

Catalyst-Plugin-AutoTemplate (0.01) *****

Good plugin.