Reviews by Adam J. Foxson


Date-Manip (6.05) *

I am really loathe to give negative reviews, but I'm notably unimpressed that release 6.x of Date-Manip has a requirement on Perl 5.10. Backward compatibility was sacrificed for "the ability to do named capture buffers". I'm very sorry, but while I feel the author is completely free to do whatever he desires with his own distribution, I find the decision to mandate 5.10 quite unfortunate. As another reviewer had mentioned, this decision will have negative affects in various enterprise environments.

Other than this one unfortunate decision, the distribution is otherwise quite excellent.

Test-Functional (0.03) *****

Pista Palo:

I think your review is unfair. I'm voting this distribution a five to negate your vote. As you indicate, you voted this distribution a one primarily because there are many other testing distributions.

Personally, I am very happy to see more testing distributions. This encourages innovation and gives people many options to choose between. This particular distribution may very well be exactly what someone is looking for. I think low-rating distributions based on invalid criteria stifles innovation and discourages contributions to the CPAN.

Besides, the contributor behind this distribution definitely did his due diligence. He even posted an RFC to prior to uploading it to CPAN. See:

CPAN-Reporter (0.32) *****

CPAN::Reporter is a fantastic new addition to the Tester's tool-belt. It's an asset to the community that will surely benefit CPAN and the CPAN Testers. CPAN::Reporter opens up the work that the CPAN Testers do to a wider audience. Thanks for the great work David!

Full disclosure: I'm the author of Test::Reporter, so I'm probably a tad biased =)

Error (0.16) *****

The documentation could use some clarifications and be expanded. However, this distribution is highly useful.

POE (0.3502) *****

POE is as lovely as it gets. Highly recommended!

Sys-SigAction (0.06) *****

Sys::SigAction saved me from a massive amount of heart-ache and solved an urgent issue in a mission-critical environment. The author is extremely responsive. I cannot possibly recommend this more.