Reviews by Clinton Gormley


Devel-NYTProf (2.01) *****

For the first time, a Perl profiler which is easy to use, and whose results are easy to understand! (And it works with mod_perl, flawlessly).

++ to the authors

HTML-StripScripts-Parser (0.991) *****

UPDATE - I am now a maintainer for this module, and as of version 0.99, I have added the Rules option which makes it much easier to customise
Original comment re version 0.6:

I am more and more impressed with this module. It handles the case of accepting HTML from a user, processing it, correcting problems like incorrectly nested tags and removing anything that isn't specifically allowed. It seems to recognise all of the XSS exploits on RSnake's

The one negative comment I would make about it is that altering the default configuration is not as simple as it should be. The config is stored in hard-coded hashes, and there is no mechanism for merging only your changes into the existing config.

I dumped the hashes into YAML and subclassed the module to use the YAML as the source, but it could be simpler than this.

UML-Class-Simple (0.07) *****

Because perl is dynamic and everything can be changed at runtime, I thought it would just be too difficult to do this properly...

But I gave UML::Class::Simple a whirl, and I'm absolutely blown away. The result is phenomenal. To see my last year's work (30,000 lines) represented this way is just incredible.

Proc-PID-File (1.24) *****

This is a great little utility which does one thing well, at least on linux.