Reviews by BlueT - Matthew Lien - 練喆明


Protocol-SPDY (0.001)

Really Really Willing to see this. Perl seems kinda behind compare to other languages in SPDY implementations.
I wish I could have the SPDY solution in the web service I'm developing (in Perl, of course!). Good Job Tom! :D

common-sense (0.04)

I thought it was a joke at the first time I see the compiler complains about "cannot find common::sense" or something like that when I was building the new anyevent-*.deb for ubuntu on my new laptop.
After the process failed and some googling, I suddently knew that I really have no common::sense, haha.

Nice module.

AnyEvent-HTTPD (0.6) *****

It's awesome!
I love those AnyEvent modules, especially when I have libev installed on my ubuntu box.