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Rose-DB-Object (0.722) *****

Wow! What a fantastic bit of software this is. A real gem. It seems that Class::DBI and the newer DBIx::Class have the mindshare, but I would recommend you check this one out if you want to escape hand coding your SQL.

Firstly, and the reason I tried it, it has the best performance outside of "raw" DBI. Despite the mantra these days to just throw more hardware at these issues, I am trying to give up as little performance as possible to get the productivity gains of this type of abstraction.

Speaking of which, I find this to be the most straight-forward to configure and most intuitive to use. The caching and autoloading work well and allround, it comes across as a very well-designed and implemented piece of software that deserves much respect.

On the downside, there are fewer modules that interface with Rose::DB::Objects (session management etc.) due to its newness.

Kudos to you John. I'm looking forward to the release of the associated framework.