Reviews by Robert S. Kruck


Alien-wxWidgets (0.67)

Currently I cannot install the CPAN module Alien::WxWidgets<br>
When I run "cpan force install Alien::wxWidgets", the operation fails, stating that it can't connect to <br>

Error message stated:

Fetching wxWidgets...
fetching from:
Fetch failed! HTTP response: 500 Internal Server Error 500 Can't connect to at inc/My/Build/ line 306.
Fetch failed! HTTP response: 599 Internal Exception at inc/My/Build/ line 306. Could not open socket to '',

'No connection could be made because the target machine actively refused it.' at inc/My/Build/ line 306.
Unable to fetch archive at inc/My/Build/ line 307<br>
Can someone help me out? I badly need to install the CPAN modules Alien::WxWidgets, and Wx, so that I can then install Padre. Alien::WxWidgets, and Wx, are Padre dependencies.