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utf8-all (0.010) ***

TC maintains 46 Unicode Prescriptions. utf8-all implements most of prescription #0 (Standard Prolog, Yay!), creates an undocumented wrapper around readdir() (Boo!), and implements prescription #15 (UTF-8 decode your ARGV, documented but global, unavoidable, Boo). If you (or one of your dependancies) use utf8-all and you wanted to implement prescription #16 (Locale decode your ARGV), well, you've got a bit of a mess to clean up....

Quality code. Huge holes in the documentation. Don't use in a module without documenting the change you're inflicting on your user's ARGV.

utf8-all (0.010) *****

utf8::all helps you stop thinking about Unicode. Configure your editor to save files in UTF-8, use utf8::all at the top of each file, and that's 95% of your Unicode handling needs covered.