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pip (0.08a)

This is just a quick answer to Mark's comment: PAR::Packer is there to help with bootstrapping this. "pp -o pip.bin pip"


pip (0.08a) ****

The concept is a step forward in making Perl projects easier to deploy. There remains a bootstrapping problem: You can't give an end-user a 'pip' file to install, because they won't have 'pip' to install it with.

pip (0.08) *****

Totally Awesome. I was looking for something that would simply allow me to do what C<cpan -i My-Package-0.01.tar.gz> doesn't. I.e. to install a given CPAN-style (Makefile.PL and all) package as if it came from CPAN, without actually putting it on CPAN.

I began by looking at the CPAN.pm and CPANPLUS.pm code and found that the workflow of those modules makes it really hard to inject a .tar.gz package into the system, I then set up my own CPAN mirror with CPAN::Mini::Inject which was unstable, slow and generally supreme overkill when all you want to do is install a package from the command line.

Anyway, this rocks, and it does other neat stuff too!