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persist (0.5.0) **

It more or less needlessly duplicates much of Class::DBI, but with a poorer, much more confusing interface. The schema management bits are like a very poor man's Alzabo (yes, I'm biased).

The distro is just called "persist", which makes it look like a pragma, though at least the author called the module itself Persist, though taking a top-level namespace is not such a great thing.

If it ever does a lot of schema management, the author will have managed to replicate Alzabo, except with a different API. Of course, the author was (and still is) free to write "Alzabo::SomeOtherAPI" in the first place!

Finally, it's not using the same license of Perl, but rather some more-or-less-BSDish license of the author's own creation. Good, we can never have too many licenses floating around.