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perl-ldap (0.65) *****

I love this module. Lets you do anything with OpenLDAP. It's all there. Never let me down.

perl-ldap (0.49) *****

This module saved my life. Well, not really. But it was critical to my success in identity management administration. Just had the experience of teaching a junior colleague about this module and its accompanying tools (was there ever a script that could change lives for the better like That brought home how apt is the praise for this module given by others here: faithful maintenance, clear documentation, and code that works. Thanks to Graham and the crew for starting this, and to Peter for continuing on. We all owe you big time.

perl-ldap (0.44) *****

It is one thing to build a perl interface to a database or API, it is another thing to do it well. Doing it well means maintaining your module(s), writing clear documentation, being idiomatic in perl when possible, as well as other things above and beyond programming.

The LDAP::* set of modules fit the criteria of modules that are done well. The documentation is straight forward and the code works. Any idiosyncratic bits should be ascribed to the oddness of LDAP and not these modules.

perl-ldap (0.37) *****

We have used this module to extract info from Active Directory for several years now, never had any problems.

perl-ldap (0.39) ****

I managed to get a simple search query up and running quickly. It's a little bit complex (and I do with there were a few more examples and utility routines to do seemingly simple tasks), but that's more do to myself being new to LDAP.

perl-ldap (0.33) *****

the best LDAP scripting interface

perl-ldap (0.33) *****

Thank you, Graham. They think I'm brilliant because it took only hours for me to migrate our Active Directory to OpenLDAP!

(Nice direction for a migration, eh?)

Very easy to use module, saved me a lot of work.

perl-ldap (0.3202) *****

This has been very helpful in writing a utility to convert directory information into a csv format.

perl-ldap (0.3202) ***

The lower-than-5 rating is because Net::LDAP seems slow.

perl-ldap (0.31) ****

perl-ldap is a nice package, it allows me to access Active Directory domain from a CLI or CGI

perl-ldap (0.31) ****

This makes hacking ldap trees soo much easier vs the stock ldapmodify/ldapdelete/ldapsearch.

perl-ldap (0.31) ***

I did not find somthing about athontication throw LDAP- to login in throw ldap athu.

perl-ldap (0.30) *****


perl-ldap (0.29) ****

I used this module to build an HTML interface to our OpenLDAP server we use for email processing and found that I couldn't have done it without this module.