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only (0.28) *****

Great idea. Excellent documentation.

only (0.28) **

Only is almost by definition the solution for the right problem. Is enables you to store different versions of the same perl module and at load time select exactly which version, you'd like to use.

The problem (alas - there is a problem) is that it seems that there is a small bug in only.pms version parsing code that has made it unable to load anything but exact module versions. In other words - it is not possibly to actually make the module load any version newer than a given version number.

I may be wrong, but countless hours of probing the source of has led me to this conclusion.

only (0.26) *****

This module addresses the increasingly common situation of wanting to have two
versions of the same module installed. This would allow you to keep the old
version to support legacy applications while using the the new features of a
new version in a new project.