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namespace-autoclean (0.13) ****

If you're already using Moose, and aren't doing any overloading, then this module works very well. Otherwise, namespace::sweep seems to work better.

namespace-autoclean (0.09) *****

Don't you love when a module does *exactly* what it says it does in a clean, simple, and most importantly correct fashion? This is namespace::autoclean.

No headaches, no code compromises, nothing. It just works. A remarkable piece of code in the CPAN that every serious programmer should at least know of.

namespace-autoclean (0.08) *****

This module lets me eliminate "no Moose" boilerplate by writing a "use Moose"-alike that also sets up autoclean. Its use of Class::MOP to find methods is pretty clever and (usually) works well.