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mem (v0.4.1) *

This module provides two non-related features.

If loaded without parameters it handles a minor inconvenience related to in-line modules you want to 'use' (assumable to call the import method). If loaded with parameters it just acts as a obscured BEGIN block.

Whereas the first use case is arguably useful, the second feature is only useful for writing obscure code that is incomprehensible to people that actually knows Perl. Even if both features was even remotely sensible having them combined in this interface would would result in 'Interface' and 'Ease of Use' ratings at 1 from me.

The documentation suffers from a overly complicated example. The actual use case the example is trying to set up is obscure and the code requires some knowledge of another unrelated module written by the author. One of the issues the example tries to illustrate is duplicated 4 times, but it is never quite explained why it fails and if there is and difference between the 4 cases. (There is none, the author just seems to want to bad mouth part of the language she obviously doesn't understands).

mem (0.3.3) *

This module is useless.

The problem the author was trying to solve can be solved easily:
- "use mem" with arguments part: use BEGIN { } blocks
- "use mem;": set the %INC entry explicitely (or use me::inlined)
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