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local-lib (1.008010)

Enabled me to run some Perl scripts on systems I didn't have admin access to!

local-lib (1.008004)

Looks to be a very useful module, but on OSX, after installing, and running the cpan command, and going through cpan config questions with default answers, cpan attempts to install Try::Tiny into /Library, rather than $HOME.

local-lib (1.006008) *****

If you're not using local::lib, you *should*

The vast majority of module installation and dependency problems I have encountered and helped others with are a direct result of running cpan as root and installing to the system perl's libraries.

local::lib allows you to install cpan modules to a "private" directory that you control, and does not affect the system and other users. You can have several of these local libraries and switch between them. You can check them into version control. You can experiment with upgrades, modifications, fix bugs, et al. to your heart's content.

I won't claim that it will work for every module out there but it must be damn close - I've *never* encountered a module that will install to the system libs but not install to a local::lib. If you find one, file bugs on both local::lib and the broken module. (it's almost certainly the module that's broken)

One more thing: I've written a handy little bash script that will automatically bootstrap local::lib and cpanminus for you... github.com/Hercynium/boostrap-user-perl It's rough but it works for me. Bug reports and patches welcome!

local-lib (1.004003) *****

local::lib is a thing of beauty and an essential tool for anybody who needs to manage distinct sets of modules across projects, nodes, architectures.

local-lib (1.004003) *****

Very good module. Convenient, has very few dependencies and gets the job done. If you're looking to install CPAN modules under a prefix, under say your own home directory, look no further than local::lib. I have done my own custom and ad-hoc CPAN.pm/CPANPLUS.pm hackery and found local::lib to be much more convenient and straightforward.

Highly recommended.

local-lib (1.004001) *****

This makes the tedious and spastic job of setting up local libraries a snap and a consistent one. It is fantastic. Saves me at least a couple hours every time I setup new code on a non-root box.

local-lib (1.002000) ****

local::lib makes having your own stash of perl modules in your home directory so much easier. I can now easily use CPAN to install stuff into my home directory on a machine to which I don't have root access. I've been using perl for eons, and this common desire has long been a difficult thing to do. Now, I believe that all the documentation that answers the question "How can install perl modules from CPAN on a machine without root access?" should be changed to reference local::lib.
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