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libwin32 (0.29) *

Horrible code and horrible tests. But who cares?
It's Win32 only, and it works.

Win32::ODBC / libwin32 (0.191) ***

I have used this module for over three years and have been quite pleased. However, I have found lately that after Sql 7.0 service pack 3 or Sql 2000 service pack 2 the connections to the database never release. It took a lot of searching to finaly determine that the problem isn't with the module but with the SQL drivers supplied by MS... So I no longer use this module for SQl intense programs, too bad because I love the way it allows you to assign variables to any value returned, plus you aren't limited to fields with names, or 1 element returns or more it can handle a null return unlike win32::OLE which I use now as an ADO connection. Still it is very usefull and I would love to see some new development work done on it.
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