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libnet (1.22) *****

Excellent - Net::FTP has a sane interface and makes it quick and easy to knock up a script to interact with an FTP server, with little thought required.

This is what CPAN is all about :)

libnet (1.22) ***

Net::SMTP doesn't perform smtp authentication on windows. Use net::smtp::tls instead and turn off tls.

libnet (1.17) *****

Net::SMTP did exactly what I needed and worked as promised. It has saved me alot of time. Thank you.

libnet (1.16) *****

Highly usesful and reliable.

libnet (1.16) *****

This module is a godsend! I was struggling with using the UNIX ftp within the perl 'system' command to try connecting to two different servers, with only one of the servers being up at any given time. Using this module solved all of the problems I was having. THANK YOU!

Net::FTP / libnet (1.16) *****

Net::FTP offers an object-oriented FTP client. It is beautiful. Like most of Graham Barr's work, this package is polished and professional.
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