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lib-tiny (0.6)

Finally an updated documentation. My previous remarks have been addressed by the author. I hope many will find this module useful.

lib-tiny (0.6)

[UPDATE] the "compiled" part was removed after 0.4 since it wasn't "::Tiny"[/UPDATE]

Adam is correct, its intent is memory, though it does save CPU time as well.

The 'compiled' part is optional though (its a variable substitution in Makefile.PL to avoid having to use Config).

The idea is that if someone is 'dropping it in' they probably aren't worried about having the archname/version directory structure checked also.

That being the case it may be better (IE more '::Tiny') if it just avoided it all together and just added it to @INC if its not there already. Thanks for pointing that out Adam. Your time and feedback are appreciated!

> WOOOOO!!! SHAVE A WHOLE 0.005s! TEH OSOM!!!11one

Where exactly did I say it has to be used everywhere by everyone?

There are some environments where any memory gain (and CPU gain for that matter) are critical.

Also, your sample output compares use lib vs. not doing use lib so the "test" doesn't even make sense, you'd need to compare the tiny version to the un-tiny version:

time perl -e 'use lib "/tmp";'

time perl -e 'use lib::tiny "/tmp";'

but again CPU wasn't the primary goal anyway, just a happy side effect.

As side note, its people like you doing pointless personal rants like this that turn folks away from perl which is very sad.

If there is a deficiency in a module I do I want to fix it. If I see a deficiency in someone else's module I often offer to help with it or at least offer a suggestion.

but a personal attack like this (based on obviously flawed testing logic) is not only pointless it reflects bad on you.

lib-tiny (0.1)

This is the mother of all stupid reviews. I mean seriously, what the fuck are you on man?

This module, like almost all ::Tiny modules, is intended to save MEMORY, not CPU time.

That said, I don't think this module is appropriate for the ::tiny suffix, as it needs to be "compiled" for a specific architecture and can't be moved afterwards.
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