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cwd (HASH(0x896111c)) *

This module should be pulled immediately from the CPAN.

On Windows at least, when it installs it will see as shadowing it, and uninstall it.

This will fatally break the Perl installation on Windows, and quite possibly other case-insensitive platforms.

That says nothing about the module itself, which I actually find myself agreeing with, even it it's simplistic. Sugaring the BEGIN { ... } path adjustment is not a bad idea, and although trivial I'd probably end up using it in some cases.

And the implementation can certainly be improved later.

But unfortunately, this module under it's current name is pure destructive badness. I look forward to a better name.

cwd (HASH(0xb8b72b4)) *

I think the version number should tell you a fair amount: HASH(0x875f270). The README file reads "...if this is still here the programmer is...lazy...".

The 'module' source code is actually this:

use Cwd qw(realpath chdir);


chdir join(q//, split(/.[^\/]+$/, realpath($0)))

or croak "cannot chdir: $!\n";


What a waste. And why is it a pragma?

My vote is to remove this from CPAN and modify the PAUSE source to make a case-insensitive check of existing module names.

cwd (HASH(0x9d7f240)) *

Just plain wrong.

Stop it. Please.

cwd (HASH(0x8755d80)) **

Cwd already exists, so cwd is confusing, especially to (for example) the HFS+ filesystem. Why is this a pragma, anyway? Why aren't there any useful tests? Why is there no version number on the dist?

Writing an extra line of code would be better than using this.

cwd (HASH(0x9fd52b0)) *

Very bad: there is already a "Cwd" module, which has been part of the core since Perl 5.000. The name "cwd" will cause problems on systems with case-insensitive file names.

Not so good either: no version number, and a default README file do not give me confidence in the module's quality.

It's not clear why this should be a pragma. Pragmas are for modules which alter Perl's functionality (even if in a limited scope). All this does is allow one to temporarily change the directory that code is running in. How this is a (better) alternatrive to using File::pushd or Sys::pushd (let alone Cwd or File::chdir)?
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