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YAML-Syck (1.22) *****

More portable to old versions of Perl than YAML::XS - so I'm sticking with YAML::Syck since it "just works". Thanks!

YAML-Syck (1.20)

To be fair, in my experience YAML::Syck is not "much more buggy" than ::XS. It even sometimes works with my YAML data while ::XS crashes. Go figure.

YAML-Syck (1.20) ***

Mostly works, until it doesn't.
This module has been obsolesced by the far less buggy YAML::XS. Go with that.

YAML-Syck (1.10) ****

I have tested many YAML and JSON packages, and in my view, this one lets you work with both with the least amount of fuss.

[Edit: Have another star for all the recent work by the new maintainer. Really awesome to see]

YAML-Syck (1.05) *****

YAML::Syck is a great work! I used it for a lot of my projects and I never regret.

5 stars is not to much because it's easy to use, it's very fast and it just works.

YAML-Syck (0.71) *****

It is fast, it is easy to use and it Just Works(tm). This module is highly recommended any time you need to store data structures of any kind (conf files, database fixtures, kitchen sinks, anything!).

Nuff said!

YAML-Syck (0.42) ****

YAML::Syck isn't only faster than the original YAML module (because it's mostly C), it's currently also more complete.

I haven't had any problems installing it on any Linux system. The same cannot be said about the original YAML module. A PPM package of the current CPAN version is availlable from ActiveState, so even Windows users can start using it right now.

It lacks on the documentation side, but documentation is something Audrey's modules have sometimes been shipped without in the past. The YAML format is reasonably documented elsewhere and the interface is simple enough, so this only removes one star overall.

Great work, Audrey and why the lucky stiff (who wrote libsyck).

(On a side note: For those who don't want any C/XS or who want something more simplistic, check out Adam Kennedy's effort to write YAML::Tiny. Also, there's YAML::Lite which I haven't tried yet.)