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XML-TreePP (0.43) *****

This module is direct replacement for XML::Simple (Core module) and "relatively faster" that it. Many options are the same with XML::Simple. It appends prefix ('-') to attributes by default, but it can easily be changed by ..->set( attr_prefix => '' ) call to none or any other character. It should be a core module in my opinion.

XML-TreePP (0.38) *****

XML-TreePP is a great module. Due to a diverse set of platforms I need to run scripts on, I required a simple pure perl xml parser. Where others failed or were a pain, this little puppy pulled through brilliantly. It worked painlessly (and flawlessly) on an old tru64 machine with perl 5.0 ;-)

XML-TreePP (0.36) *****

Extremely simple and straight-forward.

When XML::Simple couldn't deal with my "mixed" tree - it took me 30 seconds to switch over to this. It immediately worked, and handled my "complex" tree very well. Kudos!

XML-TreePP (0.36) *****

The reasons why I chose XML::TreePP module is:
- It is Pure PERL (major reason)
- The Hash structure of the parsed XML file is easy to understand and use.
- The XML attributes are identified with a - or @ prefix (some XML parser perl modules do not identify the attributes at all or not in a good way.)
- Simplicity

I wanted something that was the easiest to install for all users at any understanding level. And which would not be a roadblock to using my modules which now depend on it.

I wrote Getopt::XML, which uses XML::TreePP and my other module XML::TreePP::XMLPath. XML::TreePP is not only fast and easy to use, but makes my applications more portable and easier to install.

XML-TreePP (0.33) *****

The only XML parser I got working on dia output on the first try. The documentation is nice and complete (which is always a good sign). the implementation is pure Perl which is practical when you can't or don't want to install external libraries.