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XML-FeedPP (0.43) ****

Great module, better than XML::Feed imo, but still not perfect:
the documentation is incomplete (some useful functions like get_pubDate_epoch are not documented) and sometimes (rarely) it have issues with bad-formatted feeds.

Thank you Mr. Kawasaki :)

XML-FeedPP (0.42) *****

I was having trouble parsing a feed with XML::RSS and then I tried this puppy. Boy am I glad. It works like a champ. The fact it can handle multiple feed types without having to specify the type, and the ability to take a URL in the constructor are features that I sure appreciate.

XML-FeedPP (0.41) *****

This is easily the best RSS/Atom processor on CPAN. It's easy to install, portable, fast, flexible, and ridiculously easy to use both for reading and creating feeds. This module should be the defacto standard for feed management in Perl.

XML-FeedPP (0.36) *****

This pure-perl module wrangles RSS and Atom feeds with very few dependencies. This makes it ideal for distributing with other projects that may be deployed on multiple platforms.

If you need more speed or features, you may try a heavier weight solution, but I recommend starting here.