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XML-Atom-Syndication (0.901) **

Advice on RSS feeds is confusing me! Some say RSS 2.0 is not good and that Atom is the future. Makes sense, so I'd like to be able to generate some simple Atom feeds. Discovered XML::Atom::Syndication from www.intertwingly.net/wiki/pie/Rss20An....

Since XML::Atom is not updated to Atom 1.0, XML::Atom::Syndication appears to be the only choice. However, it lacks some straightforward documentation on how to start - a simple example on a basic feed would be be very productive.

A basic requirement is also to keep the list of entries to a fixed number, but had to delve into the code to work out how to do this ( @entries = @{$feed->elem->contents; @entries = splice @entries, 0, $max; $feed->elem->contents(\@entries) if you were interested ).

Also got a problem where $entry->author("person") is not correct as this returns "<author>person</author>" when the spec says it should be "<author><name>person</name></author>".

I think this module just needs a bit more cooking, but my knowledge is not strong enough to help move it forward. Sigh. Back to XML::RSS for me...