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Win32-IntAuth (0.12) *****

The IT department at the company I work for requires authenticated SMTP using NTLM to send mail from scripts, etc. Using Mark Bush / David Bussenschutt's Authen::NTLM module, I'm able to do so -- once I hardcode in a username and password.

Using Thomas's Win32::IntAuth module, however, I can call the create_token() method repeatedly with challenges from SMTP server, and it will automatically authenticate using the context of the user that's currently logged on -- no need to specify a password!

I had researched this was not looking forward to doing the interop with secur32.dll. Fortunately, when I found this module, I didn't have to! 8-)

I know this wasn't the intended purpose for this module, but if you're on a Windows-homogenous environment, give this module a look and see if it can help you be more secure by not storing passwords!

Thanks, Thomas!

Paul Kearns