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WWW-Facebook-API (0.4.18) *****

Not just a review, but a comment for those thinking this Module is dead. You can STILL use it with facebook with no problems. You simply need to:

my $auth = eval {


desktop => 0,

server_uri => 'api.facebook.com/restserver.php?acces... . $session->{access_token},

server_uri needs a modified version of restserver.php where you need to pass the access_token you obtain from the OAuth2 dance by parsing the signed_request.

Provided for reference.

sub parse_signed_request {
# ----------------------------------------------------

my ($expected_sig,$decoded_payload,$json,$sig,$encoded_sig,$payload,$data,$signed_request);

$signed_request = shift;

$json = JSON::XS->new->ascii->pretty->allow_nonref;

($encoded_sig, $payload) = split(/\./,$signed_request,2);

# Decode the data

$sig = urlsafe_b64decode($encoded_sig) if $encoded_sig;

$data = $json->decode(urlsafe_b64decode($payload)) if $payload;

if ($data->{algorithm} ne 'HMAC-SHA256') {

facebook_warnings("Unknown algorithm. Expected HMAC-SHA256");



# check sig

$expected_sig = hmac_sha256($payload, $SECRET);

if ($sig ne $expected_sig) {

facebook_warnings("Bad Signed JSON signature!");



$data->{encoded_sig} = $encoded_sig;

return $data;

WWW-Facebook-API (0.4.18) ***

This isn't a review, but rather a response to Anders Nielsen.

You may want to check out Facebook::Graph; it is maintained and works with the current Facebook API.

WWW-Facebook-API (0.4.18)

I've used the module in the past and I was happy with it then.

But the module seems to be dead now. The RT queue contains spam and bug reports without answers.

I don't think the module works after Facebook changed their API.

It would be nice if the maintainer would document if the module still works or not.

Btw. thank you for the module :-)

WWW-Facebook-API (0.4.16) *****

My use of the module has been almost entirely restricted to running FQL queries, and it's been fantastic. Thank-you!

WWW-Facebook-API (0.4.14) *****

Thank you for this wonderful module. Easily extensible (we added support for notes with no problems), worked pretty much first time.

Would be nice if the thrown Errors were more structured, as we just get a string out. But it's a minor problem.

WWW-Facebook-API (v0.4.10) *****

David, thanks for the excellent Facebook API. It works well, and I note that it is updated frequently as FB adds functionality or makes changes -- which as we all know, happens all the time. Thank you!!!!!!

WWW-Facebook-API (v0.4.4) *****

Well designed module with a clear interface, sane code, and good docs. And the developer is incredibly responsive and helpful. Not to mention patient in the face of my continued blundering and stupidity :)