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WWW-Curl (4.17) ****

Works with no problems across FreeBSD, Solaris, Linux based systems. SystemDataRecorder has been used the module since 2009 with no crashes or core dumps. Documentation can be improved.

WWW-Curl (4.15) *

The documentation is awful, tests are shallow, no usage examples are provided. No way, I'm sticking with Net::Curl.

WWW-Curl (4.15) *****

Compiling and installing version 4.15 on Windows needs further tweak in Makefile.PL, The following line reports a error on Windows if I use Microsoft Visual Studio as compiler ("|" is Unix flavor, Not MS)
open(H_IN, "-|", "cpp", $curl_h) and $has_cpp++;
Just replace it with next line.
open(H_IN, "<", $curl_h);
That does the trick.

Once it is installed with ActiveState perl 5.12.2 on Windows. All 3 modules WWW::Curl::Multi, WWW::Curl::Share, WWW::Curl::Easy work good.