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VCS-SCCS (0.16) *****

This is a wonderfully well-written module that is very reliable and saved me loads of time.

If you have to deal with any SCCS conversion, this is the module to use!

I used this library to process 65K SCCS files with over 2.5 million revisions, and it worked flawlessly. It is one to two orders of magnitude faster than other solutions, because it does not rely on SCCS native tools. (Note: check if you need SCCS tools and you don't have a native install).

The author has generously provided very useful examples - which were the starting point for my own back-end to convert a major SCCS source repository to CVS. Once you have converted to CVS, you can use the feature-rich tools hosted on to do further conversions, or you can use the git conversion provided as an example by this author.