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URI-Title (1.901) *****

Works like a charm to get the titles of web pages.

I recently made my own bookmarking application using Perl. Copying and pasting the URL is ok, but I am just too lazy to type in the title of each page I want to bookmark. How to get the title? I looked on metacpan and found this, and after adding about two lines of code to my bookmarking application I now get the titles just like that. Even better the main function is called "title" and you just call it like this: my $title = title ($url), without any nonsense.

Like it!

There is lots of talk in the module documentation and the bug list about how to get titles of things like PDF documents or even PNG images, but realistically how many people actually need that, compared to the number of people who just want the title of a web page? This already does 99% of the jobs that actually need to be done, and most PNG images don't even include a title field anyway.