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TryCatch (1.003000) *****

Superb try/catch implementation that really helps make Perl function like a real, readable, useful programming language like Java - the type-constraints are especially welcome.

It does lack support for a 'finally' clause, which is a shame, and it is sadly bloated by dependent on Moose, but although those are long-standing issues with this module, I do hope they will one day be resolved.

TryCatch (1.001001) *****

Great module for try/catch sugar in perl. I love pairing it with Moose::Util::TypeConstraints to have type based exception handling. Make sure that you have the latest Devel::Declare or you can have some weird issues that won't seem to make any sense.

TryCatch (1.000003) ***

This is a nice attempt and will be much better soon I'm sure. Try does its job, but emits a warning if it's used outside a function (because it doesn't check the return value of "caller").

Unfortunately, for me anyway, the catch block is being called whether or not there is an error. To avoid this I'm using "catch ($e where { $_ }) { ... }" which works fine.