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Tkx (1.09) ****

I had many many perl scripts written with Perl/Tk.

I spent a lot of time rewriting with a lot of trial and error 99
percent of my scripts using Tkx.

The Tk/Docs saved quite a bit of time, but I sure wish there was an equivalent manual like "Mastering Perl/Tk".

I had unfortunately used the Tk::DialogBox quite a bit for which there really is no equivalent. But I ended up replacing the DialogBoxes with Tkx Gridded Labelled Entries and Buttons.

I only was able to make this work with MacOS Mavericks 10.9.2 by simply downloading ActiveState Perl and not using the Apple installed version of Perl.

I like ActiveSate's implementation of Perl much better and it automatically includes the Tkx modules.

I don't like the fact that Apple's Aqua theme doesn't allow you to
customize the colors of Tkx frame backgrounds and button backgrounds.
While I could fully control everything in Perl/Tk.

The Windows 7 version of ActiveState Perl's Tkx module allows full customization theme control.

I hope Tkx is here to stay and doesn't become a dinosaur ala Perl/Tk.

But my biggest gripe is I wouldn't have gotten rid of Perl / Tk before coming out with a full blown Manual. Without a manual, I had to do a very tedious rewrite of all of my Perl/Tk scripts over many weeks.

A good manual would have made the job go a lot quicker.

Now after using Tkx 1.09 for 2 years with AS Perl 5.16 and MacOS Sierra, I actually prefer Tkx over Tk. I'm hooked on how my GUIs look so much better with the available themes over Tk. I will never go back to Tk. Still have complaint about inadequate documentation. In 2 years, nothing has changed, except now I'm much more practiced and currently use my own scripts as examples for writing new scripts. Once you get the hang of it, you'll find that Tkx is far superior to Tk. Thank You ActiveState!!

Tkx (1.07) ****

I strongly feel that Tkx is the way forward in GUI programming in Perl. It provides direct access to all widgets in Tck/Tk that look great (via the Tcl/Tk styles widgets), and can be written in a code that is similar enough to Perl Tk to make the conversion relatively simple.

As yet, I don't know many full-blown applications written in Tkx, except for ActiveState's PerlApp and a language analysis tool called AntWordProfiler (

However, the documentation for Tkx is not good and you will spend a lot of time trying to figure out the conversion from Tcl/Tk code to Perl Tkx in some cases. The conversion is simple but just isn't documented well.

There is good news though. Documentation at has recently been written that is clear and detailed. Anyone interested in Tkx should visit here before doing any serious work.

Tkx (1.05) *****

I'm really enjoying using this module, much moreso than the older Tk set of modules. The only snag I had was my Mac (running OS X 10.5) had an older verion of Tcl/Tk (8.4), which caused some things to not work well. Once I upgraded (I used ActiveState's 8.5.4 distribution), I've not had any problems. Between the documentation with this distribution and the referenced Tk documention at, I feel pretty confident.