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Titanium (1.04) ****

developed a small web-app with it, was straigthforward and the project is still easy to maintain.

Titanium (1.03) ***

I like the rebranding attempt and I like CGI::Application generally. However I guess this is a reasonable place to point out the results of a little experiment. I have a script that uses Titanium and HTML::Template. When I started using CGI::Simple instead of CGI, HTML::Template::Pro instead of HTML::Template and CGI::Application instead of Titanium the script speeded by 60%.

Titanium (1.01) *****

I am using Titanium on one of my projects and it is a very nice, lightweight app framework that works great on my shared server. This is my first Perl web app and I found Titanium easy to use. I am using it with Template, DBIx::Class and a number of the excellent CGI::Application::Plugins that are available. The docs on CPAN are thorough, but of course I would love to see a book or a section of new Perl book dedicated to this worthy project.

From what I have seen, Titanium is to Catalyst what Pylons is to Django in the Python world, which also fascinates me. I really like the Pylons web site -- what about giving Titanium a shiny web site of it's own, outside of CPAN, but linking back. I think it would be some good marketing that Perl needs. This project is really good and deserves an autonomous home on the web -- written with Titanium of course.

Thanks for your work Mark. I appreciate it.