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Time-Traveler (0.01) ***

I'm having a lot of trouble seeing what the use of this module is. Better examples would help explain that. The synopsis is a bad explanation of what it does.

If it's an implementation of lazy evaluation, then it seems to have more natural interface than Data::Lazy though with no ability to control whether evaluation is for reads versus writes.

If it's for a history, how does one rollback a value? (Note that there's Tie::History for this.)

Time-Traveler (0.01) *

Great idea, terrible name! :(

CPAN (Acme:: aside) is generally not the place the cutsey module names. Some of these are relatively harmless, but when you put the module inside a top level namespace that is completely unrelated to it, it is most certainly not harmless.

Time:: is for time-related modules. Yours doesn't seem to be time-related at all, the module name is almost just "branding".

As cool as it sounds, please move this module to either Acme::Time::Traveller (if it's meant is a demonstration of a neat trick) or Data:: or Scalar:: or somewhere else more appropriate.