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Text-Unidecode (1.30) ****

Great... AFTER you figure out that you need to be first dealing with UNICODE not UTF-8.

It does work... but you need to be sure you are using it correctly for your application. Here is a simple example.

use Encode qw/encode decode/;
use Text::Unidecode;
$data = decode("UTF-8", $data);
$data = unidecode( $data );

Text-Unidecode (0.04) *****

I've not had the chance to use this module (yet). But the documentation is a sheer delight to read, probably because I've been reading too much Ted Dziuba (see bit.ly/e4GAgh). More modules should be this powerfully simple.

Text-Unidecode (0.04) *****

Just perfect - Does one job and does it well. It took me about thirty minutes after receiving a problem report from a customer to find this package, install it, integrate it into our code and get it out into production.

Text-Unidecode (0.04) *****

A little stale, but a work of brilliance nonetheless

Text-Unidecode (0.04) ****

Nice module. Simple interface but no updates for 7+ years and the version number is 0.04 and has this rather long TODO list. Seems to work ok with latin languages but not so sure about the performance/correctness with chinese, japanese or arabic. There seems to be converters for ZH/JP at least but this wheel is not yet re-invented as a whole as it seems :)

Text-Unidecode (0.04) *****

Simple interface, and does what it says. Excellent.