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Text-Table (1.126) *****

Great work...
Found it very useful package.

Text-Table (1.114) **

This module would be amazing and perfect if it had internal support and documentation for the ----+---- tables instead of simply alluding to it.

The only way to really get them going is to use something like this:


Since the author knows this layout is "popular" why isn't there internal support for building the tables the way people hope?

In the mean time, I'll just use Text::TabularDisplay I guess.

Text-Table (1.114) *****

Very good module.
Documentation 5 stars.
Interface 5 stars
Ease of use 5 stars
Overall 5 stars !!
I really like just to read the SYNOPSIS skim a bit through the
docs and jump to writing code and this module was the kind of module
that allowed me to do this, so I'm happy with it.

Text-Table (1.114) *****

If you are tired of using sprintf to do basic table data display operations, then this is the module for you. It auto-scales the column widths for you.

Text-Table (1.107) *****

This sure is a great module. It saves a lot of time and the resulting tables are very pretty. You have to read the POD twice to understand how to use the column and row separators, though. Other than the commenter below I noticed minor problems with special characters (e.g. german umlauts) but that could also be the result of a bug in Text::Aligner or wrong locale settings in my shell. However, great work!

Text-Table (1.107) ****

This is a very useful module. In terms of the interface, it's by far my favorite of the various text table modules on CPAN. The only problem is that it's a little on the slow side. A dozen columns and a couple hundred rows might take over a minute to render. I'd love to see an XS version of this module to speed things up.

Text-Table (1.107) ****

This module comes in extremely handy if you need to present data in tabular form. This doesn't happen all the time but when it does you're really lucky to have Text::Table around becausing laying out tables properly with correct alignment and padding isn't as easy as it seems.

On the function front, this module is flawless. I haven't yet encountered any bad layout artefacts caused by pathological input data. It's also fairly easy and convenient to use when you are willing to accept the default layout.

It's a bit more difficult to use when you want to customize your tables. This is not so much due to its interface but rather because the documentation is organized in a way that will make more than one skim through it necessary. The docs do try to be thorough and don't skimp on explaining things, though.

If it weren't for its documentation, this module should get five stars. A valuable addition to the CPAN.

Text-Table (1.102) ****

This is another one of those modules that does one of those awful, stupid tasks that every programmer hates doing. It prints a nice text table, perfect for creating simple report output. There are piles of bells and whistles for customizing the display, but I rarely go much past the options in the synopsis. It's definitely saved me from spending hours writing awful display code (or shipping really ugly reports).

Text-Table (1.102) *****

This is a great module :) It really saves the programmer
from all of the printf formatting requirments.
The learning curve is kinda steep. The programmer
really needs to read the docs!
Overall a great module!