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Text-Replace (0.07) *

The fullest and least explanative documentation I have ever seen.

A triumph of verbosity over usefulness.

If anyone has a useful, very fast templater to replace $foo with &bar in a very large file, please mention it here.

Text-Replace (0.07) *

Is it possible the author has something to do with this? samson.akitadiamonds.com/

"On the internet, nobody knows you're a dog."

Text-Replace (0.07) *

Another module from SOFTDIA that makes no sense. It doesn't seem to /do/ anything that Perl doesn't already do. It comes with piles of documentation that explain everything except for the module. It's packaging is just weird. Why does this module exist? The implication, by the documentation, that this code is being used by fedgov.us is... disappointing.

Text-Replace (0.07) *

I'm beginning to think that SOFTDIA is a troll.

Text-Replace (0.02) *

Wow, what a way to /not/ make a CPAN distribution.

First of all, it bundles all kinds of prerequisite modules, rather than declaring them prerequisites in the Makefile.PL. What a great way to make sure older modules will install older versions of your dependencies.

So next, the module itself actually has no documentation. Instead, it's tucked away in /another/ module, that seems to have no relevance to the whole project whatsoever, called 'Test::STD::STDutil'.
Now, most of this 'documentation' (and yes, it pertains to Text::Replace) actually has notes that it is 'Coming Soon', so it's not actually quite clear what it's supposed to do.

Basically, it's Yet Another Templating System, but so poor, that it could have been done better using perl's builtin s/// operator.

If you're looking for a templating system symilar to this, but actually quite usable, take a look at Text::Template instead.