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Text-CSV_XS (0.90) ***

This module has many positive reviews, and it's the standard CSV parsing module, so I'll just add some caveats:

1. Make sure your CSV doesn't have duplicate column names. If it does, row data may move around from one column named X to the other column named the same.

2. It can't ->print hashrefs, so you'll have to convert them to array refs yourself:

my @array = map {$hashref->{$_}} @names;

$csv->print($file_out, \@array);

Text-CSV_XS (0.82) *****

This is my favorite way of handling CSV files and CSV inputs for DSLs. It's handled many cases that the other modules I tried couldn't handle. And it's pretty fast too.

Text-CSV_XS (0.65) *****

With this module, I never have to re-invent the wheel when it comes to handling CSV files. This module has handled every CSV I have needed to parse.

Text-CSV_XS (0.54) *****

This module is really great & always my first choice to read (and write ;-)) any kind of CSV.
It experienced no problems with CSV files from any kind of program - just simply tell the new() method, how the bunch you're about to read looks like, and it works.

Hint: People reading foreign language CSV's should remember to set the "binary" attribute, otherwise you cannot read extended characters.

Text-CSV_XS (0.37) *****

It reads all kinds of crazy insane CSV variants that crazy insane people throw at my software. Once or twice, when it wouldn't handle one, I complained to the author and he made it work very quickly. This is the place to start for CSV reading.

Text-CSV_XS (0.37) *****

Once again I needed to parse CSV with slightly odd options. Text::CSV_XS saves me so much time and is, like said before, faster than Text::CSV.

With very simple CSV, a split() would probably be enough. When it gets a little more tricky, simple use this module.

Text-CSV_XS (0.31)

As a Perl newbie I didn't realize that the XS suffix indicated that this module required access to a working C compiler and make :(. Just a warning to the uninitiated. Otherwise this looks great and I wish I could use it.

Text-CSV_XS (0.23) ****

Easy to use and fast.

It would be nice if there was a better way to handle embedded newlines in fields.

Text-CSV_XS (0.23) *****

Significantly faster than Text::CSV and still my favorite way to get data into and out of MS Excel.

Text-CSV_XS (0.23) *****

It'd be nice if combining & stringifying were one easy step, but other than that, this module has saved me tons of time.