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Text-CSV (1.33) *****

Thanx a lot. Does solve all may problems in CSV: newlines, UTF-8
Very recommendable !

Text-CSV (1.33) *****

Thanks for such useful module, especially
allow_whitespace => 1,
whicj trim whitespace
also my example
source file
perl gen_csv.pl test.txt

Text-CSV (1.21) *****

This module handles the neaty gritty details of outputting and reading CSV files, which vary in the exact details of their format. One should definitely look into using it instead of parsing CSV using custom code and probably in an error-prone. Highly recommended.

Text-CSV (1.00)

I really appreciate you replacing the current Text::CSV with an interface to Text::CSV_PP and Text::CSV_XS - you solved one of the problems I was having and that does need thanks.

Text-CSV (0.99_06) *****

Perfect pure perl interface!!! :)
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