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Test-WWW-Selenium (1.25) *****

Test::WWW::Selenium, whilst not being able to do the conversion itself from the Selenese HTML output from the IDE, enable me to quickly put together a module which bridges the gap.

It was pretty quick to get a feel for.

It will be invaluable for testing user stories in the future.

A great module.

Test-WWW-Selenium (1.23) *****

We find this module essential - it has made selenium testing as painless as possible.

Test-WWW-Selenium (1.03) *****

This module is extremely easy for both web site automation and web site testing. The Selenium server can control my Firefox 1.5 browser to access many real-world web sites flawlessly. The Selenium firefox extention is also very handy for generating the perl code (making use of Test::WWW::Selenium) automatically for me.

With this module, I no longer need to fight against nasty HTML source or client-side JavaScript tricks used in many web pages. Yay!
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