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Test-Trap (v0.2.2) ***

No UTF support

To get it work properly one shoud do smth like this
my $got = $trap->stdout;
utf8::decode( $got );

Test-Trap (0.1.1) *****


This module handles a lot of things you want to control during testing, warning, exceptions, IO, ...

It also handles warnings containing embedded "\n" properly unlike Test::Warn.

Test-Trap (v0.0.21) *****

This is a great module. Using it I was able to refactor the tests of the Test::Run suite and reduce the size by 273 lines. The interface is excellent and very convenient and the module just works.

One tip is that you should use the following "use" statement:

use Test::Trap qw(
trap $trap

In order to make sure Test::Trap traps the stdout and stderr of external programs invoked by system() and friends. This wasn't clear from the otherwise helpful documentation.